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What is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed assessment by a qualified individual to determine the cosmetic, --





Inspect That Used Car Before Buying!

No piece of car buying advice is more often ignored than this:

Have a mechanic inspect a used car before you buy it.   Why do buyers plunk down thousands of dollars on a car with little more than an around-the-block test-drive and a glance under the hood?


Three reasons deter car buyers from taking this vital step:

1. Most consumers don't know that good used car inspections are readily available.

2. Many car buyers don't want to pay the extra money for an inspection.

3. Some people anticipate a hassle prying the car away from a dealer or private party.


With a little planning, the inspection process can be as fast and revealing as a Hollywood exposé. If the inspection report is clean, you can buy with confidence. If it unearths a checkered past, you can back away or negotiate a lower price in line with the cost of repairs.

Most sellers will let you take the car for an inspection or have a mobile inspection performed at their home. If the seller hesitates, you might want to consider the words of America's Car Show host Tom Torbjornsen: "You have to wonder what they're hiding."


The Vital Pre-Purchase Inspection

Experts agree that used cars must be inspected before the final negotiation for purchase. The ordinary car buyer, even if mechanically savvy, really can't do it justice. Torbjornsen explained, "A stem-to-stern inspection, if it's been done right, can tell you if you're about to buy a great used car or step into a nasty set of problems." Torbjornsen recommended having the inspection performed by a mechanic you've built a relationship with. The car should also be test-driven over a predetermined route that includes hills, bumps and potholes to pick up suspension problems and reveal engine performance issues.

Verifies the equipment, or options, on the car

Confirms the condition level of the car

Reveals hidden problems with the body, frame or engine

Finds engine codes that can reveal engine problems

Builds confidence in the value of the vehicle


Many major problems that can be spotted by a good inspector include:

Frame damage — If the frame shows damage it indicates the car has been in a serious accident. Unless it has been repaired correctly, the car's wheels might not track properly, causing the vehicle to pull to one side and eventually leading to tire damage.


Poor previous repair work — This could range from sloppy bodywork to improper installation of modifications.


Smoker's car — If a car is being purchased remotely, via eBay for example, the seller could disguise the fact that someone has smoked in the car. Smoke gets into the vehicle's headliner and upholstery, and it is impossible to remove the smell.


Flood-damaged car — A vehicle history report can red-flag a flood-damaged car unless its title has been falsified. If that's the case, then it's important for an inspector to check for signs of water damage.


Final Thoughts

While no inspection is guaranteed to find every flaw in a used car, a trained eye can help you avoid serious problems. Given the fact that thousands of dollars are at stake, an hour of your time and a hundred dollars is good insurance against the unknown.




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